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Why Us ? - Labourer Agency UK

Why Us ?

Whether you are a candidate looking for work or a client looking to fill your latest vacancy, there are many reasons to choose us to help.

Wide range of skills

Our candidates have a wide range of skills to suit the demands of your projects. We can provide you with labourers, handymen, construction site operatives, painters and decorators, electricians, drivers, warehouse operatives and industrial workforce. The range of skills we can offer can enable us to deal with a wide range of requirements, at a time to suit you.

Professional candidates

We only provide candidates who have a professional and flexible attitude. Our candidates are friendly and have a positive attitude, with the ability to adapt to a range of different tasks and a willingness to learn.

Last minute demands

We are known for being able to adapt to last minute demands and through our knowledge of the industry, we can provide you with the right person to suit your needs. We have been able to provide candidates to our clients, even with less than 24 hours’ notice and we will also endeavour to be available for when you need us most.

Range of recruitment methods

We use a wide range of recruitment methods at Labourer Agency UK, to help ensure we can always fill your demands. We have the knowledge and expertise to know which methods are best suited to the requirements you have for construction staff.

Regular Contact

Unlike many other agencies, we pride ourselves on the fact that we always keep in touch with our clients and let them know how we are progressing with their vacancy. In the same respect, we will never leave candidates hanging, waiting for feedback on their interviews. We offer a service of professionalism and integrity and excellent communication is top of our priority, both for clients and candidates alike.