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Temporary recruitment is a thriving sector but one that can be a real challenge for novices. Because of pressing time constraints in the temp construction sector, recruitment solutions need to be achieved often within days. Construction companies handling recruitment themselves will usually find it too difficult to juggle urgent recruitment drives with their day-to-day tasks.

Temp recruiters offer decades of recruiting experience that construction companies can benefit from. Temporary labourer recruiting involves many challenges including:

  • Short-notice recruitment drives
  • Speedy resolution
  • Fast response times
  • Keeping ideal candidates on file
  • Utilising advertising networks
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Rapid Results

Our clients are never left waiting around for us to deliver results. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide rapid temp recruitment solutions, helping our clients when they have urgent needs.

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No upfront costs

Construction companies joining us will not need to pay a single thing upfront. There is no joining fee when you become a part of Construction agency.

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Construction expertise

Our experts have worked with construction businesses of all sizes, so we can help you whether you are looking for just a few workers or an entire team.

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Urgent hiring

Hiring through a construction agency will deliver much faster results, so your company won’t be left lacking in vital workers when it needs them most.

The Unique Construction Recruitment Services:

Expert Solutions

With their fine-tuned experience in the recruitment sector, agencies can offer many invaluable insights into the construction industry that can change how businesses look at recruitment. Stay ahead of the curve and benefit from the latest industry insights to ensure your hire only the very best candidates.

Relieve The Burden

Most construction businesses already have their hands full dealing with new and existing projects. With a recruitment agency, the entire responsibility of finding and evaluating candidates is taken out of the hands of businesses and left to the professionals, giving you the time to focus on your own daily operations.

Widen Your Net

As a construction company, finding the right place to advertise your construction job opening can be difficult. This may be website, or shared locally in the newspaper, but won’t be as effective as the networking and sourcing skills of a construction recruitment specialist. Going with an agency will help widen your net and increase your chances of finding the best construction workers.

No Placement, No Fee

While not all consultants have this policy, the most reliable recruiters will implement a ‘No Placement, No Fee’ policy for clients. This means that if no ideal candidate is available, clients won’t have to pay anything to the recruitment agency. This represents a no-risk scenario for any construction company considering trying something new during their recruiting drive.

Our team have a wide range of skills traders to suit the demands of your construction projects. We can provide handymen, labourers, Supervisors, painters and decorators, electricians, drivers, warehouse operatives and industrial workforce.

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It can prove difficult for a construction business to bring in the right skills if they don’t get the right help. This is why businesses seek out the professional services of construction agencies to take care of the recruitment side of things on their behalf.

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There are dozens of benefits to working with a construction recruitment agency, from improved quality of candidates to gaining expert insights into the industry. We explore how working with a recruitment agency can completely transform any construction business.

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