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Why Temporary Jobs? - Labourer Agency UK

Why Temporary Jobs?

We specialise in providing temporary and short term assignments to candidates, in a variety of different companies.

If you are considering short term or temporary work, there are many benefits to be found with this kind of employment. There are also many benefits for hiring short term workers.


Short term work gives you a much greater flexibility than permanent work. You can work when you want to and take a break when the assignment finishes up, if you wish. If you have other commitments, such as running a business or bringing up children, this level of flexibility can be idea for your situation. In the case of businesses, you can hire staff when the work demands are high, but you don’t have the commitment of keeping staff when the workload decreases.

Learn New Skills

If you are employed in a permanent job, you tend to be carrying out the same tasks every day and this will often leave you in a situation where you are not really developing your skills. The great thing about short term work is that you are constantly developing and learning new skills in different environments. Most of our candidates love this aspect of the work.

Build Contacts

You can also build and develop your network when you take on work in a range of companies and these can be useful for the future. The more contacts you have, the more opportunities you can find and you never know where it can lead you in the future. For businesses, you can gain useful information on how the candidates work and can keep them in mind for future needs.


If you enjoy travelling and you want freedom in your job, short term work can really help support it. For instance, you may be looking for short term work to enable you to have the freedom to travel when your assignment finishes. We have many candidates who enjoy the freedom of short term work.