Site Supervisor Jobs in Colindale

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Site Supervisor Jobs in Colindale

Site supervisors knew as construction site supervisors, site supervisors monitor the move on of construction projects and ensure submission with construction safety regulations. They supervise construction workers and subcontractors, educate construction workers upon on-site safety practices, and investigate employee performance. Site Supervisor Jobs in Colindale

Job Description:

Job Title: Site supervisors
Contract Type: Temporary
Starting Date: ASAP
Job Location: NW2
Salary Rate: £18-£20/Hr

As a site supervisor, you should be detail-oriented and knowledgeable of building codes and construction safety regulations. Ultimately, an outstanding site commissioner should be adept to justify building plans as competently as stir exceptional leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills. Site Supervisor Jobs in Colindale

Responsibilities Of Site Supervisor Jobs in Colindale:

  • Inspecting construction sites regularly to identify and eliminate potential safety hazards.
  • Supervising and instructing the construction team as capably as subcontractors.
  • Educating site workers on construction safety regulations and crash protocol.
  • Enforcing site safety rules to minimize work-related accidents and injuries.
  • Handling site accidents in accordance as soon as established crash protocol.
  • Maintaining an accurate stamp album of construction employee attendance.
  • Evaluating the play a role of construction employees and instituting disciplinary proceedings as needed.
  • Analyzing blueprints to ensure that construction projects meet design, safety, and budget specifications.
  • Recommending changes to construction operations or dealings to accumulation efficiency.

Site Supervisor Requirements:

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