Property Maintenance

Good Maintenance Workers are detail-oriented and responsible enough to take initiatives on their own. They make sure to work hard until unless the work is done. An efficient maintenance worker takes the responsibility to inspect and repair all kinds of damages and mechanical faults. We provide property maintenance services for construction sites, landlords and households and other business. Our labourers are also trained to provide plumbing services, electrical repair and maintenance work, painting and decoration, carpentry, reactive maintenance and general building works.

Plumbing Services: Are you looking for an experienced plumber for your bathroom construction or renovation? We can provide skilled plumbers that can start working for you even on a short notice. Our plumbers are trained to perform several plumbing tasks depending on whether it is a routine maintenance or installation of new appliances. They are best at bathroom repairs, shower repairs, radiator and radiator valve repairs, boiler and heating repairs, waste disposal rescue, unblocking sinks and toilets etc.

Fitting and Fixing: Labourers-agency has a wide variety of professional and skilled candidates that are ready to provide fitting and fixing services. No matter whether it is lightning or fixture repair or you need to get the tiles fix or decorate , our labourers are expert at providing any sort of fixing and fitting services for both residential and commercial area. For example tiling and decorating, cabinet joining, fixing locks, hinges and handles, fitting gates and stairs.

Electrical Services: Electrical maintenance could be very unpredictable in situation of any emergency or electrical fault. Such situation can bring delay in other construction work. That’s why professional electrical maintenance and repair must be on time. Our Electrician and electrician’s mate are available to start work on very short notice. They all are expert at providing a wide range of electrical repair and maintenance services For example Replacing Light bulbs & Transformers, Repair or Replace Sockets and Switches, Wire installation, testing and inspecting electric installation.