1.Pickers: Pickers are assigned to collect the ordered items and transfer it for packing and shipping purposes. To carry out the task of selecting the right size, type and colour from the various racks and bins pickers need to be observant and careful. Also pickers need to be cautious while carrying the products to the packaging department to prevent any damage.
2. Packers: They monitor, measure, weigh and label the orders and pack them for the shipping purpose. Packers must be physically fit with high stamina to perform all the manual work like handling large boxes. They must have strong spatial skills to pack the orders in different sizes of the boxes. Packaging should be in a way to prevent any damage to the item while delivering it to the customer. With a wide array of pickers and packers in our database. they possess some essential qualities that increase the production efficiency in the warehouse:
1. Efficiency and Flexibility: Our warehouse operatives can work efficiently in a fast-paced environment. They are well trained to conduct all the picking and packing procedure with different methods and styles to improve the efficiency. Our workers are flexible to work in different conditions and timings. They are efficient to complete both manual and computerized tasks.
2. Focused and Manual Dexterity: Our pickers have the quality of paying close attention to details while tracking order and picking items from hundreds of shelves and packers are observant and careful to get the item packaged in an efficient manner. Pickers/Packers have manual dexterity to weigh and lift heavy items.
3. Able to operate the warehouse vehicles: Our Pickers/packers are able to operate vans, pick trucks, or forklifts to pull inventory.
4. Experience and proper knowledge of procedure: Our Picker/Packer have experience of working with alternative styles and with flexible conditions. They have proper knowledge of packing procedures and standard operating procedures.

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