Multi-skilled Builders are labourers that demand high physical stamina and strength to perform several tasks at the site simultaneously. Along with the manual strength , multi-skilled builders should also be good at hand-eye coordination, building knowledge and in-depth understanding and vision. Labourer-agency has a wide range of experienced skilled tradesman.
With the high demand of construction labourers, supervisors and managers look forward to a group of reliable multi-skilled labourers that can complete projects timely and within the given budget. Labourers-agency have enough number of multi-skilled builders in their database. Let’s learn some fundamental skills and abilities required for a multi-skilled builder:
1. Physical stamina and strength: Since most of the tasks performed by the Multi-skilled builders are manual so it requires broad physical work which involves lifting, climbing, bowing, burrowing and operating manual and power equipments.
2. Manual coordination and dexterity: Along with the strength, labourers should also be good at hand-eye coordination which means their work demands moving their hands rapidly, ability to grasp the objects and assemble various parts. This work demands sitting, standing or lying down for long hours that’s the reason labourers require strength, stamina and good multi-limb coordination which is ability to work with two arms, two legs or one leg and one arm.
3. Strong Math and Reading Skills: It is equally important for a multi-skilled builder to be exceptionally good with numbers. They need to have good math skills and ability to interpret and follow blueprints accurately. Moreover good math skills also includes to measure, calculate and determine accurate adjustments.
4. Building and Mechanical Knowledge: Familiarity with the building materials and hands on experience of using tools and equipments used in construction plays a vital role for a multi-skilled builder. It helps them fix, repair and restore a building in the most efficient way possible. Our data base has many skilled labourers that includes: carpenters, masons, welders, plumbers, lineman, electricians, painters etc.
5. Firms and labourers: All kinds of organization need basic workers. whether it’s a government office or a chain of McDonald’s down the street. All would require a painter/decorater, tiler, carpenter or a multi-skilled builder. We always have the reliable, trustworthy and skilled people in our database so believe that we deliver just the best. The work workers themselves are second to none. Their work ethics are professional and extra ordinary. Their fantastic experience of working with huge well-acknowledged organisations itself is enough to trust them. These labourers are extremely skilled and can do almost everything extra competently without establishing much ruckus out of it.

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