Forklift Driver Reach

Posted 4 months ago

Job Type: Full time
Job Location: Neasden, London
Shift Hours: Monday to Friday (8am-4pm)
Functional Area: Warehouse
Forklift Driver: (with Outreach License)
Experience: Minimum two year similar experience

We at Labourer Agency seek in Neasden, London Outreach Forklift Driver with licence.

This role is based in warehouse setting.

Driving time will be depending on how busy site is. You will be called up to carry out general labouring duties when forklift is not needed. There will be necessity to access warehouse by means of ladder and work in warehouse or through ladder.

Key Responsibilities:
Forklift Driver’s duties encompass many aspects – responsibilities include:
– Able to take own initiative.
– At all times comply with company policies, procedures and instructions.
– Comply with responsibilities as laid down in Health and Safety Policy.
– Contribute to improving business, protecting/enhancing reputation of company, putting forward new ideas.
– Follow procedures as explained in Health and Safety rules/procedures.
– General labouring duties when the forklift is not required.
– In many occasions; certain amount of manual handling will be required.
– It will necessitate climbing of ladders to access and sort the stock.
– Loading and off loading of stock in a safe and efficient manner using correct company procedures.
– Must be motivated.
– Ready and responsible enough to take on temporary to permanent role.
– There will be general stocking, high reaching, etc.
– When requested to do so implementing change.
– Working in inclement weather will be required as need arises.
– You will be expected to become involved in a range of work. This is to enable department to respond to requirements of the company.

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