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General Labourers

We are one of the leading construction and trade staff agency in London, Our team is specialise in providing all kind of skilled and semi skilled trades people to the construction and residential industries across the UK. Our construction labourers are skilled, qualified and will always deliver professional service to meet with your requirement.

We can provide construction staff at short notice or on a permanent basis, depending on your needs. If you need staff to cover a specific contract for a set amount of time, we can also help you with this.

You can expect any tradespeople we provide to have a friendly, positive attitude and a willingness to be flexible and handle a range of tasks.

Temporary and short term labourers

We have hard working labourers who are available for temporary, short term demands. Our labourers can assist with general duties, including assisting trades people, keeping the site clean and tidy and helping with deliveries. Our labourers are experienced, professional and have a flexible, positive attitude to any tasks they are given.

Some of the attributes you can expect from our labourers are:

Health and Safety Knowledge

The candidates we supply will have excellent knowledge of health and safety, including the ability to operate equipment in a safe and controlled manner. Most of them have worked as labourers for a number of years so are well versed on matters of health and safety.

Team working

We provide labourers who can work well with others and due to the nature of the role, a willingness to adapt to the needs of senior staff.

Good communication skills

We realise the importance of good communication skills for projects to come together and the candidates we supply will be able to communicate effectively and build relationships with colleagues.

Courteous and Professional

You can expect our labourers to work professionally in their role and to be courteous to colleagues and members of the public at all times.


Of course, we will make sure that the labourers we supply to you will be flexible to pick up work at short notice and to be willing to pick up a variety of different duties, as required to suit your needs.

If you are a client looking to hire labourers on a temporary basis or a candidate seeking short term labouring jobs, please call us on +4420 30868984 or email us on Info@Labourer.Agency.

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