We are one of the top notch construction and trade staff agency in London. Our agency promises to provide all sorts of skilled and partially skilled trades people to the construction and residential industries across the UK. We make sure to deliver the most skilled and qualified construction labourers that will provide professional service up to your requirements. We take responsibility to provide the construction staff even on a short notice or on a permanent basis, depending on your requirement. We are also flexible to provide staff to cover for a specific contract for a particular amount of time. We ensure to provide friendly and  positive attitude trades people who are willing to be flexible and handle multi tasks.

Health and Safety Knowledge

The candidates we deliver have full awareness of health and safety including the ability to operate tools and equipment in a safe and controlled manner. Most of them have an experience of working for years so they had many training sessions and counselling on the matter of health and safety.

Team Working

We provide labourers who are good at working as a team and because of the kind of the job, our labourers show willingness to adapt to the needs of the senior staff.

Good Communication Skills

We know the importance of the difference  good communication skills can make so we ensure to provide the candidates that can come together for a project to generate effective results as well as build long term relationships with the fellow colleagues.

Courteous and Professional

You can expect our labourers to work professionally in their role and to be courteous to colleagues and members of the public at all times.


We ensure that the labourers we supply should be quick to learn and begin work even on a short notice. They would also be willing to perform variety of different duties as required to your needs.

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