Electricians & Electricians Mates

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Electricians & Electricians Mates Jobs in UK

The electrical trade offers excellent employment prospects across the United Kingdom. With steady demand from commercial, industrial and domestic clients, electricians & electrical mates are continually needed throughout the UK.

Overview of Electrician Opportunities

Qualified electricians & electrical mates are required nationwide for:

  • Residential rewires, upgrades and installations
  • Office, retail and commercial electrical works
  • Industrial machinery testing and maintenance
  • Infrastructure and transport electrical projects
  • Portable appliance testing and inspection
  • Data cabling, security systems and smart home automation
  • Maintenance, fault finding and emergency call outs
  • Testing and certification services

Both major electrical contractors and small local firms regularly recruit skilled electricians & mates across permanent and contract roles countrywide.

Electricians & Electricians Mates Jobs in UK

Key Electrician and Mate Responsibilities

  • Installing, maintaining, testing and repairing electrical systems
  • Identifying electrical faults and determining solutions
  • Replacing outdated wiring, fuse boxes and fittings
  • Providing cost estimates for materials and labour
  • Liaising with clients regarding quotations, invoices and specs
  • Supervising and assisting apprentice or junior electricians
  • Adhering fully to health and safety legislation and regulations
  • Keeping updated with electrical code changes and new technologies

Average UK Electrician Salaries

Typical electrician salaries in the UK range:

  • Electrical apprentice – £15,000 – £22,000
  • Qualified electrician – £24,000 – £35,000
  • Senior electrician – £32,000 – £45,000
  • Self-employed electrician – £40,000 – £60,000+

Pay varies based on qualifications, niche expertise, reputation, location and position seniority. Many choose self-employment for increased earning potential.

Electricians & Electricians Mates Jobs in the UK: An Overview

The UK boasts a thriving electrical industry with ample employment opportunities for electricians & electricians mates. From electrical installations to maintenance and repairs, electricians play an integral role in keeping homes, buildings, and infrastructure powered. The demand for their services is high across various sectors, making it a promising career choice.

Those seeking electrical jobs in the UK can find a variety of offerings, from tradesmen jobs to electrical mate positions. Skilled and qualified electricians are in high demand, and their career prospects are bright.

Job Title Description
Electrician An electrician installs and maintains electrical systems in homes, commercial buildings, and infrastructure projects, including renewable energy systems. They also perform diagnostic tests to identify and fix electrical issues.
Electrician’s Mate Electrician’s mates assist electricians during installations, maintenance, and repairs. They may also perform basic electrical tasks under the supervision of an electrician.
Electrical Contractor Electrical contractors are self-employed electricians who offer a variety of services, from installations to repairs and maintenance. They may also oversee other electricians and electrical mates on larger projects.

Electricians & electrician’s mates are essential to keeping the electrical industry running smoothly in the UK. As such, their career growth potential is significant and varied. With the availability of trade jobs, electrical careers range from entry-level positions to specialized roles, all offering strong employment prospects.

Electricians & Electricians Mates Jobs in UK

Job Vacancies for Electricians & Electricians Mates in the UK

If you’re looking for electrician job vacancies in the UK, you are in the right place. The electrical industry offers a wide range of employment opportunities for skilled electricians & electricians mates, with a high demand for their services across various sectors.

Whether you are an experienced professional or starting your career as an electrician’s mate, there are many electricians & electricians mates job vacancies available in the UK. With the growth of construction, infrastructure development, and renewable energy projects, the need for skilled electricians and electricians mates continues to increase, providing a stable career path for those in the industry.

Electrician Job Vacancies UK

Electricians are in high demand in the UK, with the industry offering a wide range of job vacancies that require various levels of experience and qualifications. If you’re searching for electrician job vacancies, you can find them in various fields like building services, facilities management, construction, and many more.

“As an experienced electrician in the UK, I had no trouble finding suitable job vacancies in the industry. With the growing demand for skilled electricians, it’s an excellent time to start or advance your career in the electrical field.” – John Smith, Electrician

Electricians Mates Job Opportunities

Electricians mates are essential components in the electrical industry, providing support to electricians in carrying out their duties. Electricians mates job opportunities in the UK are available in the construction industry, electrical installations and maintenance, and many more.

Electricians mates job vacancies require less formal training than electrician jobs but provide an excellent stepping stone in the industry, allowing you to gain experience and qualifications to advance your career.

Key Skills, Qualifications and Experience

To secure electrician roles in the UK you typically require:


  • Level 3 Electrotechnical qualification approved by NICEIC
  • AM2/2391 Inspection and Testing
  • 17th Edition Wiring Regulations knowledge
  • CSCS card for on-site roles

Practical Experience

  • On-the-job training as an apprentice electrician
  • Assisting qualified electricians before gaining certification

Key Attributes

  • Attention to detail and methodical approach
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical thinking
  • Physical dexterity and ability to work at heights
  • Strong teamwork and communication abilities
  • Adaptable and able to follow directions
  • Comfort working at heights

Reputable employers provide ongoing professional development and skills training.

Finding Electrician Job Opportunities

Great ways to find the latest electrician vacancies include:

  • Checking major listings websites – Indeed, Totaljobs, Monster, CV-Library
  • Searching for roles on trade job boards – Screwfix Jobs, Tradus Jobs, Just Tradesmen
  • Registering with recruitment agencies specialising in technical trades
  • Checking company websites and making direct approaches to electrical firms
  • Searching industry bodies like the Joint Industry Board (JIB)
  • Checking classified ads in newspapers and trade magazines
  • Attending job fairs and networking events
  • Getting recommendations from professional contacts
  • Setting up custom job alerts online

Tips for Getting Hired as an Electrician

  • Highlight experience working on domestic, commercial and/or industrial projects
  • Provide excellent references from previous employers or clients
  • Showcase any niche expertise like data cabling or smart home systems
  • Demonstrate fault-finding skills, analytical thinking and attention to detail
  • Display strong understanding of regulations, compliance and safety
  • Have required qualifications like AM2, 17th Edition, CSCS
  • Consider joining professional bodies like NICEIC or ECA
  • Continuously upskill and pursue qualifications in new electrical technologies
  • Prepare for technical/practical assessments during the hiring process
  • Build a professional profile showcasing your specialisms and achievements
  • Be responsive and act fast when an attractive opportunity arises

Finding a great permanent or contract electrician role is very achievable for qualified professionals who continuously enhance their skills and demonstrate competency.

Navigating the Job Market: Tips for Electricians & Electricians Mates

Electricians & electricians mates, with their vital role in the UK’s electrical industry, are in high demand. However, successfully navigating the job market can be challenging. Follow these tips to make the most of electricians, career opportunities, and electrician work opportunities across the UK:

Stay Up-to-Date

Keep abreast of industry trends and changes in regulations to make yourself more marketable. Attend relevant training programs, such as those offered by the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC), to distinguish yourself from other candidates. Regularly update your certifications and licenses to enhance your credibility and showcase your expertise.

Network with Peers

Attend industry events, join associations such as the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) or Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) to connect with peers and learn about job openings in your field. Join professional social media groups to expand your network and make valuable connections.

Emphasize Your Experience

Highlight your relevant experience and accomplishments in your resume and cover letter. If possible, provide references from satisfied clients or employers. If you’re just starting in your career, emphasize your apprenticeships or training programs to showcase your hands-on experience.

Showcase Your Skills

Include a portfolio of your previous electrical work and any relevant photos to show off your experience and skills. Highlight any specializations or technical expertise, such as experience in renewable energy systems or data cabling.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Reach out to electrical contractors or companies you’re interested in working for, even if they haven’t advertised job openings. Introduce yourself, express your interest in working for them, and inquire if they have any current or future job openings that might be a good fit.

Final Thoughts

By staying active and informed, electricians & electricians mates can uncover hidden job opportunities and advance their careers in the UK’s thriving electrical industry. With electricians wanted across various sectors, electrician career opportunities abound. Don’t miss out on electrician work opportunities – use these tips to help navigate the job market and realize your full potential as an electrician or electrician’s mate.

Electricians & Electricians Mates Jobs in UK


For qualified electricians, the UK provides varied opportunities to gain further valuable experience across commercial, domestic and industrial projects nationwide. Developing up to date technical skills and showcasing competency, work ethic and punctuality will impress potential employers. Temporary assignments provide a solid foundation for new electricians. With dedication and the right qualifications, an exciting and sustainable electrical career is readily achievable working across Britain.

Electrician Jobs UK – FAQs

What qualifications do you need to become an electrician in the UK?

Level 3 Electrotechnical Diploma or NVQ Level 3. AM2 and 2391 Inspection and Testing Certs. 17th Edition Regulations knowledge. CSCS card.

How much do newly qualified electricians earn in the UK?

Around £18,000 – £25,000 initially. With a few years experience salaries rise to £28,000 – £32,000. Highly skilled senior electricians can earn £38,000 – £50,000.

What tools do electricians need for working in the UK?

Basic kit includes pliers, screwdrivers, wire strippers, insulation tape, drills, spirit level, measuring tape. Advanced diagnostic tools come with experience.

Can you become an electrician in the UK without qualifications?

It’s very difficult to get electrical work in the UK without certified qualifications and on-site training. Unqualified work also carries legal risks.

How long does electrician training take in the UK?

Electrician apprenticeships take 4 years. Self-funded college courses range from 6 months up to 2 years depending on experience. NVQ Level 3 is the key qualification.

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